One Brontë bad boy and two broken hearts equal a third chance for love.

Blame It on the Brontes

About Blame It on the Brontës

Just who is writing those steamy novellas about the imagined sex lives of literary couples? Her career at stake, English professor Athena Murphy is determined to uncover the bestselling author’s identity. Even if it means seeing the man who broke her heart—twice—nearly every single day. After all, third chances only happen in romance novels.

About Annie

Annie has been a voracious reader since discovering fairy tales at the age of five. Proud of her career as a librarian, she now endeavors to share her love of classic literature with her readers.


“A delightful third-chance romance with Brontë brooding and rom-com banter.” 

—Jenny Holiday, USA Today bestselling author

“...delivers plenty of tongue-in-cheek literary witticism and small-town heart. The novel's heart lies in its quirky, memorable characters."

Publishers Weekly

“A must-read for all Brontë fans. A treat for anyone who loves the classics.” 

—Anna, Goodreads reviewer

“Sereno’s novel is witty and entertaining, and fans of the Bronte sisters will undoubtedly appreciate the fun she has nodding to their books.” 

Kirkus Reviews

“Everything a rom-com should be – smart, sexy, funny, and charming
to boot!”

—Carolyn Brown, New York Times bestselling author

“Sereno deftly captures the cozy essence of Midwestern life. Sereno is a gifted writer and readers will watch for her next book."


Leave It to the March Sisters

Coming May 30, 2023

Amy Marsden has a lot in common with Amy March in Little Women. She’s an artist, her sister Jo is a writer—and she's sure that Theo, like Theodore Laurence in Alcott’s novel, loves Jo. Now if only he’d have a change of heart, as he does in the book, and fall in love with Amy …

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